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Main concept by Kenneth Carlson

With some suggestions by:

Michael Robinson


Clay Thomas



    Background: (Maybe later I'll flesh this out as a full fledged fanfic.)

   A group of stasis pods, knocked out of orbit by the destruction of the alien planet killer crashes into a remote area of prehistoric earth. The area is rich with residual unstable energon, which over the weeks begins to seep into the inert pods. With no life forms in the area to scan, the pod's computers are helpless to do anything to save their occupants. While engaged in a battle nearby, the Maximals and Predacons uncover these pods, causing the battle to rage even more fiercely. When Rhinox discovers that the pod's occupants are close to death, a truce is called between the opposing sides. Unfortunately, there is no time to hunt down the necessary local life forms needed to save the protoforms. Megatron however, may have a solution on hand.

    After Dinobot shattered the golden disk, Megatron gathered as many of the fragments as he could find to try to reconstruct it. While he was unable to accomplish that, he has recovered other valuable information that could be of use now. One fragment contains information on Earth's fiction and legends, specifically on mythical creatures from ancient Earth stories. If correctly inserted into the stasis pod's computers, it may be able to approximate the DNA of the creatures from the disk. The information comes with a price however, Megatron demands that half of the protoforms be revived as Predacons. If the Maximals don't agree, he will destroy the information, allowing the sparks of all the protoforms to be extinguished.

    The Maximals argue for several minutes, but realize that they have no choice. They must sacrifice some of their principles to save the lives of all the protoforms, or sacrifice all the protoforms to save their principles. Even to the most hesitant of them, the choice is clear. Megatron gives the Maximals half of the beast forms on the disk to use on the stasis pods in the north end of the crater. He and the Predacons take up positions on the southern end and enter the other half into 'their' stasis pods.

    The creatures that emerge have powers never before seen in the Beast Wars. Whether a result of the quantum surge, combined with their long term exposure to the raw energon, or due to the mythical nature of their beast modes is unknown.

    They add a new element to the Beast Wars legend, they are the Transmythics.