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Predacon Repaints

To see a larger version of any of the photos,
push the right button of your mouse, then choose
the view image option. To return to the tech spec hit the
back option on your web browser.

Transmetal Starscream Repaint of Transmetal Waspinator
Transmetal Blackarachnia Repaint of Transmetal Tarantulus
Transmetal Shellshock Repaint of Transmetal Rattrap
Fuzor Stormcrow Repaint of Fuzor Airhammer
Fuzor Ransack Repaint of Fuzor Quickstrike
Fuzor Trident Repaint of Fuzor Torca
Fuzor Switchblade Repaint of Fuzor Buzzclaw
Fuzor Longhorn Repaint of Fuzor Noctorro
Unicron Repaint of Retrax
Machince Wars Soundwave Painted closer to original colors
Transfuzor Buzzbomb Repaint of Scavenger (sort of)
Fuzor: Tentakil  Repaint of regular Clawjaw
Transmetal Shockwave Repaint of Depthcharge
Tempest Repaint of Sea Clamp
Terrasite Repaint of Cicadacon
Fuzor: Aquasting Repaint of Fuzor: Injector
Transmetal 2 Slice and Dice Repaints of Transmetal 2 Scarem 
Fuzor: Fangry Repaint of Fuzor: Silverbolt
Shrapnel Repaint of Beast Wars Insecticon
Backstab Repaint of Quickstrike