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Transmythic Terrorcons


Transmythic Ghost Rider Repaint of Transmetal 2 Ramulus
Transmythic Outburst Repaint of Fuzor Sky Shadow 
Transmythic Tantrum Repaint of Fuzor Noctorro
Transmythic Avalanche Repaint of Animorphs Marco
Transmythic Frenzy Repaint of Transmetal 2 Cheetor
Transmythic Triplecross Repaint of Animorphs Visser3
Transmythic Sidewinder Repaint of Fuzor Air Hammer
Transmythic Dreadwing Repaint of Transmetal 2 Dinobot
Transmythic Sanction Repaint of crocodile Megatron
Transmythic Cutthroat Repaint of Animorphs Cassie
Transmythic Meanstreak Repaint of Transmetal Op. Minor
Transmythic Inferno Repaint of Dinozone Dino Tigra
Transmythic Longjump Repaint of Transmetal 2 Spittor
Transmythic Wildeye Repaint of Rock lords Slimestone 
Transmythic Tauros Repaint of BM Longhorn
Transmythic Maelstrom Repaint of Beast Wars Claw Jaw
Transmythic Spinstress Repaint of B.M.  Blackarachnia 
Transmythic Galvatron  Repaint of Digimon Imperialdramon