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Maximal Repaints

To see a larger version of any of the photos,

push the right button of your mouse, then choose

the view image option. To return to the tech spec hit the

back option on your web browser.

Transmetal Night Stalker Repaint of Transmetal Cheetor
Transmetal Eclipse Repaint of Transmetal Scavenger
Transmetal Swoop Repaint of Tansmetal Terrorsaur
Transmetal Grimlock Repaint of Transmetal Megatron
Transmetal Fastbreak Repaint of Transmetal Air Razor
Transmetal Alternate Primal Repaint of Tranmetal Op Primal
Transmetal Optimus Prime Repaint of Optimal Optimus
Fuzor Diehard Repaint of Fuzor Bantor
Fuzor Lockjaw Repaint of Fuzor Terrogator
Machine Wars Optimus Prime Slightly kitbashed MW Op Prime
Autobot Replay Repaint of Omnibot Overdrive
Fuzor Whipclaw Repaint (and more) of Razorclaw
Fuzor Frostbite Repaint of Fuzor Silverbolt
Transmetal Firestorm Repaint of Transmetal Rampage
Ratchet Repaint of Magnaboss: Ironhide
Sentinel Prime Repaint of Magnaboss Prowl
Ruckus Repaint of Optimus Minor
Tritan Repaint of Magnaboss
Transmetal 2 Silverbolt Repaint of Transmetal 2 Jawbreaker
Hippoptimus Prime April fools day joke.