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 Beast Wars:


 Desperate Times

Warning, anyone who hasn't seen the end of season 2 should NOT read this story as it reveals several MAJOR plot lines.

This was originally written before the third season episode "Optimal Situation", and was my attempt to resolve the "Agenda" cliffhanger from season. It can now be considered to be an alternate ending to that story, as it doesn't even remotely resemble what happened in "Optimal situation".

  Chapter 1: The past anew  (ver. 2.0)

  Chapter 2: In the house of my enemy.  (ver. 2.0)
  Chapter 3: Creating chaos  (ver 2.0)

 Chapter 4: Actions and Consequences  (ver 2.0)

 Chapter 5: Not quietly, and not alone  (ver 1.0)

Chpater 6: Past, Present, Future (ver 1.0)

Chapter 7: After the quantum surge (ver 1.0)

Chapter 8: From a differnt perspective (ver1.0)

Chapter 9: Point of no return. (ver 1.0)

Chapter 10: To succeed, or die trying. (ver 1.0)

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