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Beast Wars


Advanced Membership


At this level, you get membership in the foundation, plus the quarterly newsletter. Mebership in the foundation allows you to make submissions for the Fan Art, and Fan Fiction sections. At this level, for a modest fee, you get to choose a repaint of one of the BASIC figures. The entry fee is ten dollars with two dollars for shipping and handeling, this might change depending on where you live. A couple of requirments first:

1)All payments are in advance, by money order only. I can't do credit cards, so don't bother sending me any numbers. I CAN do COD, but I will require you to pay the extra COD cost.

2)Unless you have an earlier figure that you want me to repaint for you, any repaints must be from the current product line. Pretty much I have to go to the local Toys R Us to get these, so I can't get any of the older ones unless I get lucky and they still have one left.

3) I can do the larger deluxe and mega repaints, but these will cost more. I will not however be doing any Optimal Optimus repaints, except under exceptional circumstances. I still have nightmares about re-assembling him when I was done with the repaint job.

4)Lastly, I will not include any of the extra weapons that I use with the repaints on this site. I will modify any Scavengers that I repaint so that hands could be inserted, but will not include the hands themselves. If you have any of the old geshtalts, such as the combaticons, their hands will work in the slots I make.

All submissions remain your property, and cannot be used outside of this website without your permission. No obscene material of any kind will be allowed. All submissions will be displayed for a minimum of thirty days from the day it is first posted, depending upon space restrictions of course. I reserve the right to review any material after submission before and if I post it.

To join, email me with your name, address, email address, what figure you want, and how you are paying. All information sent to me is confidential, and will NOT be used for anything other than your membership, and to send you the choosen figure. You will be sent out a membership notification within a few days with the address to send the money order to. The figure will be sent out as soon as the payment arrives.