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Beast mode: Griffin                                                                            (Pictured with my other Bantor repaint, Diehard)

Repaint of Fuzor Bantor, with parts from Animoprhs Tobias.

Name: Wingspan

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Air/ground support
 It's when the Predacons feel their most confident, that Wingspan shows up to take them down a peg or two. His rear legs can separate from him when he transforms to robot mode, and act as an drone unit under his remote control. He usually flies in, drops the drone off on one side, then flies to the other, hitting the Predacons from both sides at once. Because of this, Optimus usually holds him as a reserve in case one of the Patrols gets ambushed. While Wingspan likes helping his fellow Maximals, he'd rather be out trashing Predacons than on monitor duty any day. Needless to say he sometimes jumps the gun in rushing out to help, and ends up causing more trouble than he helps to solve. In griffin mode, he is a quick on both the ground, and in the air. His claws have an iron (literally) grip, once they dig into an opponent. His wings are razor sharp, capable of slicing through Predacon armor easily. In robot mode, he uses a photon blaster, and use blades from his wings either as hand held weapons, or fired as short range missiles. His drone unit can either be remote controlled, or act independently by homing in on Predacon energy signatures with it's dual laser cannon. While his drone unit can be an advantage, it can act against him if he gets separated from it, or it becomes damaged. This traps him in his robot mode, rendering him vulnerable to energon fields if he becomes cannot change back.

STR: 4   INT: 6   SPD: 5   END: 7   RANK: 6   COURAGE: 9   FIREPOWER: 7   SKILL: 5