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Repaint of Magnaboss Silverbolt

Name: Wildfire

Allegiance: Maximals
Function: Multi-vector attack specialist.
 "Sometimes the right road to travel, is also the longest."

Wildfire is perhaps one of the deadliest warriors on either side of the Beast Wars. His unique design because of his status as a Transmythic allows him to attack enemies in three different directions at once. His wings are constructed of a hardened titanium alloy, making them nearly indestructible. Each of them mounts two photon cannons and a HEAT (high explosive anti-tank) missile launcher each. What makes them truly unique however is the fact that both are mounted so that they can swing 180 degrees and have independent targeting computers. Wildfire himself has two micro missile launchers mounted on his shoulders, and a hand held shock blaster. His beast mode is the legendary Phoenix, a roc like bird that was reborn in the flames of it's demise. The energy field that surrounds him in flight ignites the air around him making him hard to approach, but highly vulnerable to heat seeking weaponry. While he is a supremely effective warrior, Wildfire is a reluctant one at best. He longs to return to Cybertron, the home he has never seen, and sees the war simply as an obstruction to this goal.

STR: 5   INT: 6   SPD: 8   END: 4   RANK: 6   COURAGE: 5   FIREPOWER: 10   SKILL: 7