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Repaint of Rock Lords Slimestone

Beast mode: Beholder

Name: Wildeye

Allegiance: Predacons

Function: Intelligence/Counter intelligence

"No place to run, no place to hide."

Squealer, informant, dirty lowlife scum, these are some of the nicer names that Wildeye's fellow Predacons have for him.
The Maximals usually have far more 'colorful' names for the Terrorcon's lead spy. His natural curiosity, combined with his talent for getting into places he shouldn't has made him into the most effective information gathering tool at Galvatron's disposal.
His spying activities are not limited to the Maximals however, he's constantly uncovering plots and other secrets from his fellow
Terrorcons. He keeps this information in a secret file which he uses whenever he needs a 'favor' from one of them, usually
involving more risks than he is willing to take personally. His beholder mode is capable of flight through the use of anti gravity
generator. This allows him to move about practically silently over any terrain making it easy for him to sneak up on his quarry.
Each of his eye stalks can see into a different wavelength allowing him a greater range of sight and hearing than any other transformer. In robot mode his central eye can concentrate gathered photons and fire them off as a powerful laser like beam.
Although his laser weapon is powerful, it's range is limited. It can also become near impossible to use in severe weather conditions such as smoke, fog, and it is unusable underwater. His talent for blackmailing his fellow Predacons not only makes them reluctant to help him in bad situations, many of them wouldn't hesitate to make the situation even worse for him if possible.

STR: 3   INT: 9   SPD: 8   END: 4   RANK: 7   COURAGE: 5   FIREPOWER: 6   SKILL: 9