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                                                      Best form: Crab/Octopus

Repaint and kit bash of Beast Wars Razorclaw with some parts from War Planets: planet Water.

Name: Whipclaw

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Underwater reconnaissance

"Down here, it won't just be the pressure that crushes the Predacons."

Whipclaw and Tentakils stasis pods landed precariously close to one another, so they share some of the same aspects of the crab they both copied DNA from. They might have been partners if the Predacons hadn't gotten to Tentakil's pod before the Maximals could. Whipclaw nonetheless believes that his 'pod brother' could still be brought over to their side if properly convinced. Something the other Maximals consider to be misplaced optimism at best. Nevertheless they trust Whipclaw explicitly at his job, exploring the ocean depths for signs of Predacon activity. None of them (except possibly Rattrap) doubt his loyalty to the Maximal cause. They just want him to face the reality of the situation. In his beast mode, Whipclaw has a heavily armored shell, and uses a sophisticated sonar system to home in on Predacon intruders. He also posses eight high density alloy tentacles, each of which ends in a miniature claw. These claws use high powered hydraulic units to clamp down tightly on Whipclaw's opponent, combining with the tentacle's unbreakable grip to hold them firmly in place. He also has these in his robot mode, but in this form he can shoot high pitched sonic beams from the twin sonic generators located on his chest. The Maximals are right in their fear that Whipclaw's faith in Tentakil could be his downfall. Not only does the Predacon have no interest in becoming a Maximal, he's also not afraid to use Whipclaw's faith to manipulate him.

STR: 8   INT: 5   SPD: 3   END: 6   RANK: 3   COURAGE: 7   FIREPOWER: 4   SKILL: 5