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Repaint of Beast Wars Retrax

Name: Unicron

Allegiance: None

Function: Planetary Destruction

"All that does not become part of me, becomes part of the void."

    The greatest enemy of the Transformers returns. After drifting for eons through the cosmos, Unicron's head finally crashes into a remote planet. Having prepared for this day, automatic systems in him begin assembling a new body for him from the planet itself. Due to the more organic nature of this planet, his new body is now a synthesis of metal and living tissue with a distinct insectile nature. His power having been depleted considerably, he is not ready yet to confront his ancient foes from Cybertron, but he will be, soon. As a giant planet, Unicron can travel the cosmos finding other, smaller planets to consume. When he approaches a prospective target, his twin anchors plunge into it's surface, holding it in place while his mandibles rip it to pieces for consumption. ("OH NO! We're being attacked by UNICRON." "Are you sure, it kind of looks like Pac Man.") For any situation he cannot handle in this mode, or to make a point, he can transform into the biggest robot of all, able to rip a planet apart with his bare hands. The only thing he fears, is the Autobot/Maximal Matrix, which he will do anything to destroy.

STR: ?   INT: ?   SPD: ?   END: ?   RANK: ?   COURAGE: ?   FIREPOWER: ?   SKILL: ?