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Repaint of Magnaboss

Name: Tritan

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Front line warrior

"Perseverance is the weapon that will destroy the Predacons."

A Maximal patrol led by Sentinel Prime was ambushed by the Predacons, who were testing a new weapon. The new weapon, a cannon that shot shards of energon crystals caused heavy damage to the patrol, especially Sentinel Prime and Wildfire. Their spark chambers had been pierced and the sparks inside heavily corrupted. In a desperate attempt to save their lives, Maximal field medic Ratchet mingled his spark and theirs together. The resulting energy surge not only saved their lives, but it also mutated their superstructures, allowing them to combine physically as well. When they do so, they become the giant warrior Tritan. Tritan's mind is a true amalgamation of his parts, he has Wildfire's enthusiasm and energy, Ratchet's compassion and patience, and Sentinel Prime's tactical brilliance and dedication. He is absolutely unstoppable in battle, Ratchet's great strength and armor keep him safe from enemy fire, and he uses Wildfire's wing mounted weaponry to keep the Predacons at a distance. When they get too close, he uses a sword made from his components weaponry to stop the Predacons cold. Although their power is greater combined, the longer they stay together, the closer their sparks merge. If they were to stay together too long, they might merge permanently, rendering the three of them unable to exist separately.

STR: 10   INT: 10   SPD: 6   END: 10   RANK: 8   COURAGE: 9   FIREPOWER: 9   SKILL: 10