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Beast modes: Demonic centaur, and Hellhound.

Repaint of Animorphs Visser three

Name: Triplecross

Allegiance: Predacons

Function: Field commander

Triplecross is the Predacon that Megatron trusts both the most, and the least at the same time. On the field, he is both an able commander, and a ferocious warrior. Outside battle however he doesn't trust him any farther than he could throw Unicron's head, and for good reasons. Like most other Predacons, Triplecross feels he should lead the Predacons. Unlike most others, Megatron is afraid he is actually clever enough to achieve it. Though he appears calm and easygoing towards his leader, not a minute goes by that he isn't planning his own rise to power. It's only Megatron's overwhelming power level, and Triplecross' own caution that have kept him from making move. Triplecross is unusual, even for a Transmythic, as he has two distinct beast modes. The first is a Hellhound, a fiery dog like creature with slashing claws and razor sharp talons. The second is a Centaur, or what he calls his transport mode. It can run at high speeds over most terrain, and deliver a fierce kick with it's rear legs. In robot mode, one of these legs becomes a shoulder mounted missile launcher which fires armor piercing missiles. Triplecross' own deviousness can be his downfall, as he cannot simply obey an order. Every time Megatron comes up with a plot for the downfall of the Maximals, Triplecross finds some way to twist it to his own advantage. While Megatron has managed to stave off Triplecross' coup attempts, Triplecross knows it is only a matter of time before he succeeds. Only his value to the Predacons has kept Megatron from dealing with Triplecross more directly.

STR: 7   INT: 8   SPD: 6   END: 7   RANK: 9   COURAGE: 6   FIREPOWER: 9   SKILL: 8