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Repaint of the Fuzor Torca

Name: Trident

Allegiance: Predacon

Function: Enforcer

"Either what Megatron says goes, or you do."

Trident will never be accused of being one of the all time great thinkers, but his loyalty to Megatron is unquestionable. Whenever a Predacon steps too far out of line, it is Trident who is sent to show them the error of their ways. A virtual juggernaut in battle, once he starts moving, he doesn't stop until either Megatron's enemies are destroyed, or he is. His beast mode's strength is astonishing, once he starts moving, almost nothing can stop him on land or in the water. His favorite tactic is to impale his foe with his elephant tusks, then rip them in half with his narwhal horn. In robot mode he uses the horn as a sword like weapon, and also has a hand held torpedo launcher. Although his tendancy to continue fighting despite his injuries can be intimidating, there are times it can get him into bad situations when it would be more advantagous to retreat.

STR: 9   INT: 3   SPD: 2   END: 8   RANK: 7   COURAGE: 6   FIREPOWER: 5   SKILL: 4