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Repaint of Regular Beast Wars Clawjaw with some parts from regular Razorclaw.

Name: Tentakil

Allegiance: Predacons

Function: Underwater demolition

"In the depths, only I can hear you scream."

Tentakil's stasis pod landed precariously close to the Maximal Whipclaw's. Due to a malfunction in both of their pod's scanning equipment, they both share DNA from the same stone crab. But while Whipclaw's DNA was also combined with that of an octopus, Tentakil's became entangled with that of a squid. His pod was discovered by the Predacons who reprogrammed him as one of their own. He revels in his new status, even more so since he is a fuzor, and combines the deadliest features of both animals. In beast mode he uses six main tentacles to entrap his victims, then he brings his gigantic claw arm to bear on them, crushing them mercilessly. In robot and beast mode, his second claw conceals a corrosive ink-jet gun. On land it squirts out a stream of corrosive ink that instantly adheres to anything it touches. In the water, it spreads out like a cloud behind him, both blinding and corroding any foolhardy or unlucky enough to be caught in it. Tentakil is a cold calculating warrior. At heart he's an opportunist who tends to side with whoever has the most power in the Predacon ranks. While he wouldn't hesitate to overthrow Megatron himself if he had the power to do so, he knows he is no match for him directly. Instead he tends to indirectly back anyone who seems the most likely to succeed at doing so, with the intention needless to say of taking them down once they have control.

STR: 7   INT: 8   SPD: 6   END: 3   RANK: 5   COURAGE: 4   FIREPOWER: 3   SKILL: 6

Needless to say, I mainly used the leftover parts from my Whipclaw repaint/kitbash to do this one. I also deliberately used similar color to Whipclaw's considering they're supposed to be sharing DNA.