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Repaint of Fuzor Noctorro

Name: Tantrum

Allegiance: Predacons

Function: Infantry

"There's no problem so big, that I can't stomp it into the ground."

Tantrum is a Predacon who truly lives up to his name, he believes that any problem can be solved with applied violence. Most Maximals (and his fellow Predacons.) think he's just another mindless violence freak, but they couldn't be more wrong. Tantrum simply uses the beserker side of his nature as another weapon in his arsenal. A glitch in his programming allows him to not only turn the violent side of his nature on and off at will, but he can also direct it to a degree, keeping friendly casualties to a minimum. In his minotaur mode, he shares the attributes of the bull, and a humanoid form. His horns are hardened titanium, with sharpened tips to penetrate Maximal armor. In both modes he can use his arm mounted vibro dagger to slash any opponent who comes within reach. In robot mode he wields a high energy blaster pistol, with bolts that explode on impact. Although he can control his violent side most of the time, when he loses his temper he loses control of it, immersing himself in what he calls a warrior's haze. When this happens, both Maximals and Predacons are fair game to his beserker rage.

STR: 8   INT: 7   SPD: 4   END: 6   RANK: 5   COURAGE: 8   FIREPOWER: 5   SKILL: 6