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Repaint of Transmetal Terrorsaur

Name: Swoop

Allegiance: Maximal

Function: Aerial Reconnaissance

"The sky isn't the limit, the stars are."

Blah blah blah, Quantum surge. Blah blah blah, Meched out blah blah.
(Someone stop me before I "blah blah blah" again.)
After the "Great War", Swoop had dreams of exploring the galaxy. He signed on to many exploration missions, eventually ending up on the Axalon's roster. Now his stasis pod has been recovered on prehistoric Earth, and he has entered a new war, the Beast Wars. While Swoop is an able and ready fighter, he'd rather be scouting the stars than Predacon installations. His beast mode is made of a light, but surprisingly powerful armor plating that allows him to glide easily on the slightest of winds. His wings and talons are razor sharp, they can slice through any Predacon who gets in his way. He can also become a high velocity V.T.O.L.(Vertaical  Take Off and Landing) jet. His twin turbo-fan jets underneath each wing allow him to hover in place and pull amazing aerial stunts. In this mode he has two air to air missile launchers mounted on either side of his pterodactyl head. In robot mode, his wings become handheld axes and he has two shoulder mounted high-energy blaster cannons. Although they add to his maneuverability, his fan-jets can overheat quickly from constant usage. This can lead to both mechanical breakdown, not to mention making him highly vulnerable to heat-seeking weapons.

STR: 4   INT: 6   SPD: 9   END: 5   RANK: 3   COURAGE: 7   FIREPOWER: 5   SKILL: 6