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Repaint of Fuzor: Buzzclaw

Name: Switchblade

Allegiance: Predacons

Function: Assassin

"The strong prey upon the weak, and I prey upon the strong."

    Switchblade lives for the look on her victim's face as she leaps from her hiding place to terminate them. She's a cold sadistic killing machine that even Tarantulus feels uncomfortable around. She uses her beast mode's camouflage to hide in the foliage waiting for her victims to approach. She then sinks her razor sharp mandibles into their chassis. She is also capable of flight, and the chameleon like ability to change color to blend in with her environment. In robot mode she wields an Ion pistol which stuns her victims so she can get close enough to use his wrist mounted blades to slice them to shreds. Her tail shield can block most energy and projectile weapons. Switchblade can be a hard opponent to beat, since you have to find her to defeat her. Needless to say, She doesn't make it easy to find her, until it's too late.

STR: 4   INT: 6   SPD: 5   END: 5   RANK: 3   COURAGE: 7   FIREPOWER: 3   SKILL: 8