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    Beast mode: Shark/Crow    
Repaint of the Fuzor: Air Hammer

Name: Stormcrow

Allegiance: Predacon

Function: Long term reconnaissance

"All luck, even bad luck, is relative."

(YAAAY it's a fuzor I don't have to say "Quantum surge" or "Meched out")
    Stormcrow has often been called the unluckiest transformer ever built, because bad things tend to happen whenever he's around. This is a bit misleading, as the things that go wrong never actually happen to him. From an unexplained explosion in Tarantulus' lab, to the breakdown of the Predacon's main computer. Many think (including Stormcrow himself) that the reason Megatron assigned him to such long patrol duties in Maximal territory, is if he stays there long enough, maybe his luck will rub off on them. In the air, Stormcrow is an agile flyer although his speed is unimpressive. In the depths of the ocean however, his dark coating can make him a hard target to acquire. His unpopularity makes it hard for other Predacon's to come to his aid, especially since none of them know what his luck will do to them if they do.

STR: 5   INT: 4   SPD: 3   END:7   RANK:2   COURAGE: 8   FIREPOWER:3   SKILL:6