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Repaint of Transmetal Waspinator

Name: Starscream

Allegiance: Predacon(sometimes)

Function: Air Commander

"The right to rule is given to those with the cunning to seize it"

Blah blah blah Quantum surge. Blah blah blah Meched Out blah blah blah.
(You get the idea.)
Starscream's spark was attracted back to the Beast Wars planet by the quantum surge. Sensing the change in power, Starscream was determined to get himself one of these new "Transmetal" bodies.
He found a bolt that had been blown off of Waspinator, and by dropping it into one of the Predacon's apparently magical restoration chambers, Transmetal Starscream was born. His wasp mode can fly at high speeds and can maneuver itself in seemingly impossible manners. In jet mode,
his flight speed increases to supersonic levels and he gains the use of his cluster bombs and antenna mounted lasers. In robot mode he wields his classic twin null rays which can paralyze any robotic target by neutralizing it's power, organic targets however are immune to the effects which makes it useless against Maximal's with an organic beast mode(IF the Maximal is IN said beast mode). While Starscream is a cunning warrior and a ruthless tactician, the new Megatron is quickly learning the same lesson as the old one, that Starscream's loyalty is mainly to himself and a wise leader must NEVER turn his back on him.
STR:5   INT:9   SPD:10   END:6   RANK:7   COURAGE:3   FIREPOWER:7   SKILL:9