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Repaint of Transmetal 2 Jawbreaker

Name: Silverbolt

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Tracker

"With courage in our hearts, we shall prevail."

In order to better protect his love Blackarachnia, Silverbolt underwent the Transmetal 2 process himself. This made him one of the few besides her to do so voluntarily, as the process has unpredictable results on both the mind and the body. Although his body did change considerably, his mind seems to have made it through relatively intact. He's still the courageous warrior, but now with even more power to fight for the Maximal cause. His beast mode is still a winged wolf, but now those wings are a titanium alloy, making them a deadly weapon on their own. His mechanical eye can see in any range of the spectrum, and the chemical sensors in his nose can track a scent even if it's days old. In robot mode, he uses his bladed tail as a sword, a triple missile launcher on his left shoulder, and his left eye can fire concentrated lasers. Although he is probably the single most loyal Maximal, his love for Blackarachnia can divide his attention between his need to fulfill his duty, and his need to protect her from harm.

STR: 7   INT: 6   SPD: 8   END: 5   RANK: 6   COURAGE: 9   FIREPOWER: 7   SKILL: 9

Boy, was this one a task and a half. Needless to say, the wings came from an Animorphs Tobias. I actually considered using a pair of wings left over from a Silverbolt that I had taken apart for parts, but I thought the mechanical look of these fit in better with a Transmetal 2.