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Beast Mode: Cockatrice

Repaint of Fuzor Air Hammer

Name: Sidewinder

Allegiance: Predacons

Function: Aerial Reconnaissance

"Play both sides against the middle, but don't get caught in the crossfire."

Being one of the Terrorcons only fliers makes Sidewinder a useful, and indeed valuable member of Megatron's army. His abilities and sadistic nature, make him that much more valuable needless to say. The only problem is, he can't be trusted an inch beyond his commander's sight, since he is a lying, cheating, back stabbing toady. While these are fairly common traits among the Predacons and Terrorcons, Sidewinder can always be counted on to take them to new heights, or indeed, depths of depravity. In both beast mode and robot mode his beast mode's head (his right arm in robot mode) can shoot two beams from it's eyes that can completely cancel out the kinetic energy of it's target. This leaves the target completely immobile and helpless for up to fifteen minutes. His beast mode can fly, and also has slashing claws, and a bladed tail. In robot mode, he uses this tail as a sword, and can use his twin photon blaster to finish off his helpless victims. The crest of his beast mode's head is made of a super strong alloy, and can be used as a shield. Sidewinder's habit of playing Triplecross against Megatron is a dangerous game for him, especially since they both realize he is playing it. He has only survived their wrath because he is useful. But one day that usefulness will come to an end, and then so will he.

STR: 4   INT: 7   SPD: 6   END: 5   RANK: 4   COURAGE: 3   FIREPOWER: 6   SKILL: 5