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Repaint of Transmetal Depthcharge.

Name: Shockwave

Allegiance: Predacons

Function: Military strategist

"Logic says that I will rule both the Decepticons and the Predacons."

    A former Decepticon, Shockwave retired from service at the end of the Great War. He secretly had his body re-engineered to a Predacon so that he could continue it in a more covert fashion. Dissatisfied with the way his past turned out, he is determined to change it. He followed the new Megatron's transwarp trail to the past and has joined forces with his team. He has his own agenda however, to both usurp the new Megatron, and destroy the inert body of the old one, so he will rule both the past, and the future. Shockwave's new form carries many of the attributes of his old one. His chest cannon can emit any frequency in the electromagnetic spectrum, from infra red to x-rays. His targetmaster companion Recoil can shoot either slicing disks, or lasers in either gun or manta mode. Shockwave's manta mode can traverse the ocean at any depth, and he can also change to an intermediate space cruiser mode with limited transwarp capability. Shockwave allows logic to rule his every move, relying on the facts to see him through every situation. This can however leave him without options in a situation where one might normally rely on intuition, a concept that Shockwave still has trouble understanding.

STR: 8   INT: 9   SPD: 7   END: 8   RANK: 7   COURAGE: 6   FIREPOWER: 10   SKILL: 8