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Repaint of Transmetal Rattrap

Name: Shellshock

Alligiance: Predacons

Function: Demolitions

"No explosion is too big for the Maximals, no scrap heap too small."

Shell shock is insane. If you understand that, then your as close to understanding him as you're going to get. One too many explosions have driven this former Maximal over the edge, and into the hands of the Predacons. Even they don't understand him most of the time, his motives seem to match their own, but his mind is too twisted to interperate. All he really seems to want, is to cause explosions, the bigger the better. Especially if he can cause as many casualties as possible. His beast mode can gnaw it's way through almost any substance. It can sprout wheels and turn into a fast moving ground assault vehicle armed with a grenade launcher. In robot mode, his specially adapted armor projects him (mostly) from his handywork. He uses the grenade launcher in this mode as well.The Maximals unfortunatly believe (most of them anyway) that if they can capture them, that they might be able to help him. Shellshock wants nothing to do with them, other than ushuring them into oblivion.

STR: 5   INT: 4   SPD:6   END: 8   RANK: 2   COURAGE: 7   FIREPOWER: 6   SKILL: 5