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Beast mode: Naga

Name: Safeguard

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Bodyguard

"A leader may draw the line, but we make sure no one crosses it."
(From the Cybertonian guardian corps credo.)

Safeguard  is a member of the Cybertonian guardians corp, an elite unit of Maximal security assigned to protect
Maximal leaders and politicians. While they're normally not assigned to starships, Safeguard was sent to watch over
Optimus Primon. After the loss of so many of the Primes during the war, the council decided not to risk Primon's life
without at least some insurance for his survival. Safeguard is that insurance. His naga mode is extremely fast, and it's
coils can constrict, crushing anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it's grasp. He's trained in almost every form of
unarmed combat, and is proficient with most projectile weapons. His armor is tougher than most, but he prefers to rely
on his superior speed and reflexes to keep him from taking damage in combat. His spark chamber is heavily armored,
has separate life support this makes him almost completely resistant to stasis lock and hard to terminate. His tail becomes
his right arm, which he uses in a whip like fashion to attack or capture his opponents. His left arm mounts a powerful
long range plasma cannon which he wields with a sharpshooter's proficiency.

STR: 7   INT: 6   SPD: 8   END: 7   RANK: 5   COURAGE: 9   FIREPOWER: 6   SKILL: 9