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Art, and tech specs by

Beast mode: Roc

Name: Riptide

Alligiance: Predacons (Terrorcons)

Function: Espionage, Aquatic recon

"Whatcha want?"

When the information was gleamed from the Golden disk for him, the reading was a sea nymph. The beautiful woman part was
missing, so the stasis pod took the scientific definition and combined the two. He hates his weak beast mode, He knows that he
is too weak to get or control the Predacons directly, so he decided to take a safer route to power,  following orders of a superior. Specifically, whoever seems to have the most power at the time. It keeps him out of trouble with his fellow Predacons and gives hime the opportunity to gain even more power for himself.. He has become a major annoyance for Depthcharge, because he keeps slipping past his underwater scanning net but in such a way as to let the Maximal know he's been there. In Bot mode his backpack allows him to jump higher, and the slashing blades on his arms make him a deadly opponent at close range. His lack of a long range weapon however can leave him at a loss when an opponent keeps his distance.

Strength: 4   Speed: 6   Endurance: 7   Rank: 7   Courage: 8   Firepower: 7   Skill: 7   Intelligence: 9