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Repaint of GEN 1 exclusive figure Overdrive.

Name: Replay

Allegiance: Autobots

Function: Scout, rapid assault.

"It isn't what I'm doing that you need to worry about, it's what I've already done."

After the quantum surge.....(just kidding.)

    Whenever the Autobots need someone to scout  deep into enemy territory, they know that Replay is the only choice for the job. His speed and 'abilities' can allow him to get into and out of an area before the Decepticons even know he's been there. While he's more daring than most, he's at least not as reckless as some of his comrades can be, especially since his ability to move a few seconds back in time can allow him to avoid discovery or get out of sticky situations he can't handle alone. His car mode is sleek and can move quickly over relatively stable terrain. If it gets too rough he can deploy wings and his twin rear mounted ram jets to become airborne. In all three modes he can deploy a hood mounted twin machine gun. In robot mode he also uses a double barreled electro pistol and a neutron blaster to take out any Decepticons he encounters. His time jump ability, while incredibly powerful, is also limited in it's use. A few seconds isn't always enough time to get out of trouble, and multiple uses can drain his energy rapidly.

STR: 4   INT: 7   SPD:8   END: 3   RANK: 5   COURAGE: 9   FIREPOWER: 7   SKILL: 6