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Repaint of Beast Wars Ironhide (naturally)

Name: Ratchet

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Field Medic

"No wound too big, no hurt too small." (From the cybertonian medical oath.)

If a Maximal is hurt in the field, far from the safety of a restoration chamber, he knows he can count on Ratchet to be there to patch him up. Named for the fallen Autobot hero, Ratchet shows many of the same aspects that the original did. He is overprotective of  his fellow Maximals, insisting that they come in for regular maintenance checks, not to mention his his cool under fire. He can do any procedure on the battlefield, from sealing a leaking fuel line, to spark bypass surgery even while under Predacon bombardment. In robot mode, he uses his elephant tusk as tools. One is a laser scalpel, the other a cryogenic spray jet. His two omni tools (Ironhide's battle clubs) can produce any number of implements, from wire cutters to spot welders. These can also be plugged into sockets on his shoulders to serve as two concussion blasters capable of flattening any Predacon. His elephant mode is strong and impervious to most energy weapons, allowing him to enter the battlefield and carry away any of his stricken comrades. He can also switch to a third mode, a defensive gun instillation with his concussion blasters, and two surface to air missile launchers.

STR: 8   INT: 6   SPD: 3   END:8   RANK: 6   COURAGE: 10   FIREPOWER: 5   SKILL: 9