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  Beast mode: Scorpion/Cobra 
                                                             (Well, duhh.)
Repaint of Fuzor: Quickstrike.

Name: Ransack

Alliegence: Predacons

Function: Demolitions, Thief

"Anything worth having is worth taking. If not, blow it up."

(Nope, no Quantum Surge, or Meched Out.)
    Ransack is a sculker, he prefers the shadows to the open. This may be because when he is seen, he is probably being shot at, by either side. If a human psychiatrist were to put him in a catagory, then he would be a cleptomaniac. Deep in the Predacon's ship he has a collection of various "trinkets" that he's stolen from both the Maximals and his fellow Predacons. If it weren't for his talent for finding his way into secured areas, either to steal something, or plant explosives, Megatron probably would have scrapped him personally. Ransack has the chameloen like ability to change his colors to blend in with his surroundings, he can use this in either mode. In robot mode his snake arm not only shoots a venom which can blind his opponent, but he can extend it beyond it's normal length using collapsable sections inside it. This allows him to get at items that are seemingly out of reach, or to snatch something from across the room.

STR: 7   INT: 5   SPD: 3   END: 5   RANK: 2   COURAGE: 6   FIREPOWER: 4   SKILL: 8