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       Beast mode: Chinese dragon  Repaint of Dinozone Giganodragon
Name: Optimus Primon

Allegiance: Maximals (sub group: Mythicals)

Function: Mythicals commander

Motto: "Stand with the strong, but stand for the weak."
Taking pieces of spark energy gleaned from the Matrix, the Maximal elders infused the sparks of protofom Maximals with the best qualities of these ancient commanders in order to make a new generation of Maximal leaders. Optimus Primon is considered to be the culmination of this project, which also bred the likes of Optimus Primal and Sentinel Prime. He is named for the first Autobot to hold the Matrix, given to the Autobots by their god Primus. His body holds all the latest scientific advances available to the Maximals at the time of his construction. His armor is constructed of pure dutronium, the hardest metal found on Cybertron, and devices around his body allow him to absorb ambient energy. This not only allows him to exist in energon fields in either mode without any danger, but it also allows him to absorb up to half of the power of  any energy weapon directed against him. He uses anti gravity units combined with thrusters in his feet for flight in both modes. His weapon arm (his dragon head in beast mode) has a self contained fusion generator, allowing it to fire highly destructive fusion blasts without seriously draining his own power supply.  In robot mode, the two eye like lenses on his helmet are actually twin high powered L.A.S.E.E.R.(Light Amplified by Stimulated Emissions of Energon Radiation) cannons that can fire either a sustained beam, or short but powerful bursts. His right arm (his tail in beast mode) has a rotor sword in robot mode, each of it's sections rotates in a different direction, increasing it's destructive abilities. Primon himself is a confident and capable leader, his tactical systems have been programmed with experiences of Cybertron's greatest battles, allowing him to make complicated tactical decisions instantly. He  tends to be overprotective of those weaker than himself, making him reluctant to send his troops into a dangerous situation when he can't go himself. His greatest flaw however is the weight he feels from the combined reputation of his predecessors. He  tries too hard to live up to their great deeds, rather than acknowledging his own.

STR:10+  INT:10+  SPD:9  END:10+  RANK:10   COURAGE:10+  FIREPOWER:10+  SKILL:10+