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Transmetal: Optimus Prime 

       A.K.A. Primal Prime      

Repaint of Optimal Optimus

Name: Optimus Prime

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Maximal Commander

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."

(Note, I know his color scheme is similar to Alternate Primal. Since I based that repaint of off Optimus Prime, and this is supposed to BE Optimus Prime, that can't be helped.)

Blah blah blah, quantum surge. Blah blah blah, meched out blah blah blah.
(I bet you thought I'd forgotten that.)
Optimus Prime is the one of the, if not the greatest leader in either Autobot or Maximal history. He lead the Autobots to victory in the first great war, Now he intends to lead the Maximals to victory in the Beast Wars. A great tactician, with an even greater compassion for the troops he leads and the races he's sworn to protect. His compassion can be a weakness as well however, one that the Predacons use against him with threats against the innocent. Optimus' strength is unmatched by any warrior on either side, his armor can withstand any bombardment no matter how powerful. He can turn into four different modes: A powerful ape, with great agility and strength, a powerful ground assault tank with twin heavy photon cannons, a stratospheric jet that also wields the cannons and can reach speeds in excess of mach 5, and a Powerful robot that uses the cannons and a hand held laser rifle.

STR:10  INT:10  SPD:10  END:10  RANK:10  COURAGE:10  FIREPOWER:10  SKILL:10

Believe me, painting this guy was a task and a half. Just disassembling him, them reassembling him was tough. Though I think transmetal Optimus Primal had more separate pieces once taken apart. I hope to get a better quality picture once I get my bigger site (still looking at Geo Cities, they seem to be my best Option right now.) soon. One note about this guy, I sawed off the 'clip' on his rifle so it would sit straight in his hand. I got sick of the way he held it at an angle no matter how you adjusted it.