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Repaint of Digimon Birdramon with parts from Animorphs Rachel.

Beast mode: Griffin

Name: Paladin

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Knight (Warrior)

"Honor, courage, and conviction are the only things a true warrior needs to survive."

Paladin happened upon the Beast Wars while chasing down a Terrorcon fugitive from Cybertron. Both his ship and the criminal's crashed into the planet, and he was found by the Mythical Wingspan. Wingspan used his own beast form as a template to save Paladin's life, however Paladin's more advanced dna scanner was able to duplicate the Griffin mode more accurately than Wingspan's had. Out of gratitude Paladin joined the Mythicals in their battle against the other Terrorcons. On Cybertron Paladin spent many long hours studying historical documents about Earth, especially knights and chivalry that were
recorded before Earth and Cybertron broke off their relations. Modeling himself after these examples, he now strives to take after the class of knights he took his name from. Although he hunts down evil wherever he finds it, he refuses to take unfair advantage of his foes. For example he will never hit an enemy from behind, while they're down, and he rarely if ever participates in a sneak attack. He is capable of flight in both modes, but prefers to do so only in beast mode. Mainly because he prefers close combat in robot mode, and most of the Terrorcons aren't flight capable. Although his shield looks low tech, it is actually made from titanium alloy tempered with a magnetic field. His power lance uses a similar technique, but he can also focus the field to fire short range energy pulses that can short out his foe. The tip of the lance is on a telescopic rail which allows it to be extended to three times it's original length. While his fellow Maximals admire his principles, they feel that they are a tad unrealistic, especially considering how desperate the war they are stuck in is.

STR: 7   INT:6   SPD: 4   END: 7   RANK: 5   COURAGE: 9   FIREPOWER: 3   SKILL: 8