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Repaint of Transmetal 2 Sonar

Name: Onyx Primal

Allegiance: Predacons (Currently allied with the Maximals)

Function: Assassin
" Vengeance can be as much of a weapon as any gun."

Onyx Primal is the result of one of Megatron's earliest cloaning experiments. With a fraction of spark energy taken from Optimus Primal while he was once their prisoner, Megatron attempted to create a Predacon assassin with the abilities to match Primal in battle. Onyx Primal filled that role perfectly for some time. Over a period of time though, Onyx became more and more convinced of Megatron's madness. After the Transmetal 2 accident he left the Predacons in disgust, and followed the original Dinobot's path by joining the Maximals to stop Megatron. Like Blackarachnia though, he considers this to be a temporary truce to stop Megatron, and not a permanent allegiance change. In bat mode, Onyx can fly in conditions that would render most fliers blinded and helpless. His sonar and night vision allow him to home in on enemies who think that they're hidden and blind side them. In robot mode, he can stand nearly invisible in the shadows allowing him to get closer to his victims than most others could without detection. He can then use his palm mounted poison injectors, his arm blades, or his high powered eye beams to take down his target in complete silence. Like Ruckus, Onyx Primal is fluent in cyberteka, the Cybertonian martial arts skill utilizing multiple arms. Although he considers his alliance to the Maximals to be one of convenience, more and more he is beginning to sympathize with his hosts. A fact that only Onyx seems to be blind to.

STR: 10   INT: 9   SPD: 9   END: 9   RANK: 5   COURAGE: 10   FIREPOWER: 9   SKILL: 10