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Repaint of Beast Wars Claw Jaw.

Beast mode: Kracken

Name: Maelstrom

Allegiance: Predacons

Function: Aquatic warrior.

"In the depths of the mind dwell terrors of which you cannot imagine."

If a human psychologist was trying to classify Maelstrom's personality, he would probably call him a manic depressive. Even in the middle of a decisive victory he still feels to depressed to celebrate. He feels it is just a matter of time before some greater evil comes to destroy both sides of their war. Needless to say this attitude doesn't make him very popular among his fellow Terrorcons, but this suits him just fine. He spends most of his time in the ocean depths, the one place where can forget his troubles, for a short time anyway. In his beast mode, his tentacles and claws have an astounding amount of strength. Their grip is nearly impossible to break once he has you in his clutches. He also has a built in kinetic enhancer in each of them, which can not only make an impact from them nearly devastating, but also allows his main means of attack. By activating the enhancers and moving in a circular motion, he can cause whirlpools and tidal waves of tremendous proportions. Although he can walk on land in this mode his speed is cut down to a third of what it is in the water. In robot mode his beast mode's eye's can fire twin laser beams although they are only effective when he uses them outside them water.

STR: 8   INT: 7   SPD: 9   END: 4   RANK: 6   COURAGE: 5   FIREPOWER: 4   SKILL: 7

Note: outside of the water, his speed drops to three.