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     Modified Machine Wars
            Optimus Prime

        This isn't so much a repaint as a slight resculpt. 
    Basically, he's a Machine Wars Optimus with a few modifications and added parts. First, there's
    his face mask. I made this by cutting a rectangle shaped piece of thin cardboard. Unfortunately I   forgot to measure it out, so I can't put the dimensions here for you. I then diagonally cut the corners off and folded it in the middle, or at least as close as I could get to it. Lastly I applied a coat of  Testors chrome silver paint to the front and sides ONLY. On the back I applied a light amount of crazy glue, to make it stay in place.

  Next I decided to free his arms from the elbow joints that held them in place. First, I completely removed the arms by removing both of the screws attaching them.
Then, I cut off the post that connected the elbow to his side. Be careful when you do this to keep as much of this post as intact as possible. Using the piece of leftover post I reassembled the arm and stuck the piece into the elbow joint. To prevent the screw from coming loose while moving the arm around, I applied a drop of super glue in the hole of the original post, and into the screw hole of the shoulder joint. Make sure to move the arm around for a minute or two after doing this, or the arm could be glued in place. Also note you will not be able to remove the arm again if you use the glue.

    The jets on Optimus' back are from a super deformed Valkyrie I used to have. I accidentally found that the two posts on the jet matched up nearly exactly with the twin holes on his back, and it only took a slight bit of working to get them to fit. For those of you who never had one of these,
you can go with my original plan and convert his backpack. The white section on his pack, if seen from below, almost resembles the primejets from the show. Albeit a  bit smaller, but by adding a bit of red or yellow paint to the bottom it can still work.


    Lastly, I decided that if the trailer wasn't really going to be a disguise (The missile launchers officer, umm, they're for, umm, dealing with hitchhikers.) then I might as well up his arsenal. All I really did was take a soldering iron (kids don't try this at home) and melted three hole. At the base of the tower in the trailers battle station mode are two small holes that I slightly enlarged. In these I put two cannons from my old Protectobots (I had two First-Aids at one point) into these holes once the plastic had cooled. I then put another hole on top of the viewfinder atop the base and inserted a cannon from the Decepticon Micromaster space shuttle. These give the base a set of anti aircraft guns.

    Overall, I still don't feel that this should have been a remake of Optimus Prime, but with a little work it can be made into a close facsimile.