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Repaint of Beast Wars Snaptrap

Beast mode: Dragon turtle. (From Dungeons and Dragons)

Name: Ironclad

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Aquatic assault.

"Endurance is the key to survival."

Patrolling the waterways, Ironclad keeps his fellow Maximals safe from Terrorcon water based attacks. When he's off duty however, his easy going nature belies this dedication to duty. In battle he prefers a more defensive strategy, to dig in and trade shots, rather than a frontal assault. Most of his fellow Maximals attribute this to the fact that most of their battles take place on land, where his speed drops down to a fraction of theirs. His beast mode's triple layered armor can repel even the most powerful bombardment. An internal furnace can allow his dragon head to emit an unending supply of steam, as long as he has a water supply to draw from. His beast mode is agile and fast in the water, but although it is amphibious, he slows down to a virtual crawl on land. In robot mode he uses a triple barreled sonic cannon, and a bladed whip to keep the Terrorcons at a distance. Although they like him, most of his fellow Maximals prefer not to be left under his command because of his preferred tactics. "A defensive strategy may be fine for him," Wingspan has been heard to say. "but that's because he can take more hits than we can."

STR: 4   INT: 7   SPD: 6   END: 9   RANK: 7   COURAGE: 10   FIREPOWER: 5   SKILL: 8
(Note, outside of water, speed drops to 2.)