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Beast Mode: Demon

Name: Inferno

Alligiance: Predacons

Function: Warrior

"Only I understand the true nature of evil, and now I will show it to you."

With most Predacons, evil is simply one aspect of their personality, but with Inferno its the only one. He is completely and utterly depraved, with utterly no redeeming qualities. He loves nothing more than to revel in the suffering of others, and it's only because the Predacons give him so many chances to do this that he fights for them. His beast mode is a winged night creature, that appears to be on fire over most of its body. This is accomplished by the plasma generators located in the upper skelaton like portion of his body. A magnetic field helps him to control and shape this flame, and also to generate his wings. Two nozzles in his hands allow him to spray this plasma at his opponents, but it is only truely effective at close range. Inferno's personality doesn't exactly make him the most popular Predacon, especially since he will simply stand by and watch one of his fellows suffer, laughing hysterically rather than lift a finger to help them. None of them except possibly Megatron would dare to return the favor however, because if he ever found out, his vengfull side wouldn't rest until he found a way to pay them back with interest.

STR: 8   INT: 7   SPD: 9   END: 5   RANK: 6   COURAGE: 9   FIREPOWER: 8   SKILL: 7