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Repaint of Dinozone Dino Sabre.

Name: Rockhound

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Warrior

"You're going down, now!"

A powerful warrior, Rockhound is one of the first to arrive at the scene of a battle. One of the more warlike Maximals, most of his comrades think he enjoys nothing more than a good fight, and Rockhound would be the first to agree with them. He never feels more alive, than when he's wading through a Predacon battle line blasting them left and right with his eye beams. Even more than that, he prefers to go hand to hand so he can test his strength against theirs. His beast mode is a gargoyle, a rock like creature. Although his skin mimics this rock like appearance, it is actually a hardened steel armor. His wings enable him to fly short distances, and his claws can rip into almost any Predacon. In robot mode, he uses the aforementioned eye beams, and his tail becomes a studded whip. Outside of regular battles, Rockhound likes to engage in mock battles with his fellow Maximals. This is a practice they don't enjoy as they invariably come out of them in worse condition than they went in.

STR: 8   INT: 4   SPD: 3   END: 7   RANK: 5   COURAGE: 8   FIREPOWER: 4   SKILL: 7