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Repaint of Fox Kids Rhinox

Name: Hippoptimus Prime

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Commander (Or maybe April fools day joke.)

"Freedom is everyone's right."
(Rattrap:"Bwah ha ha ha ha. Snort. Can't you even get that right !?!?!")

One of the Maximals most respected commanders has returned, unfortunately this isn't him. Modeling Himself after the legendary Autobot commander Hippoptimus Prime tries to act in a fashion he feels is appropriate as the Maximal's leader. Unfortunately as he isn't actually their leader he has a hard time getting anyone to follow his example. "He's just a few bolts short of a gasket if he thinks I'm following him into battle." Rattrap has been heard to say, and his fellow Maximals tend to agree with him. Optimus Primal puts up with him in the hopes of getting him treatment on Cybertron when they are rescued some day. Until then, none of them can deny that he is an effective warrior, or that he means well. They just want him to realize he's not the 'second coming' and get on with his life. In hippo mode, Hippoptimus can fight just as effectively either in or out of the water. His hide is impervious to most types of bombardment although his speed is somewhat lacking. Despite his somewhat docile appearance, his jaw could snap most Predacons in half. In robot mode he is incredibly strong, and wields a laser rifle modeled after Optimus Prime's.

STR: 9   INT: 4   SPD: 3   END: 9   RANK: 2   COURAGE: 10   FIREPOWER: 7   SKILL: 5

Note to anyone who hasn't gotten it, he's nuts.