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Repaint of Transmetal Rampage

Name: Firestorm

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Heavy assault

"Hit them hard, hit them fast, let Primus sort out the wreckage."

    Anyone who says that Firestorm is a Maximal of few words doesn't know him very well, at least not outside of battle. During a fight, he's a cool calculating engine of destruction, taking down most of his opposition before they even know what hit them. When he's not fighting, most of his fellow Maximals are then regaled with exaggerated tales of his 'many' victories. Considering his formidable firepower, and unquestionable fighting skills, they're willing to put up with his bragging. Most of the time anyway. Half the time they've already heard the stories he's telling, but he's upped the Predacon salvage count to well above the actual number of Preds on the planet. His crab mode is amphibious, at home on both land, or the water. His tank's main gun is folded underneath him in this mode, requiring him to turn backwards to fire it. This has made him the victim of Rattrap's jokes, as Rattrap has nicknamed this tactic 'Firestorm's blazing butt missiles'. His tank mode uses this cannon, which can fire a barrage of missiles at his intended target. He also has two ion cannons that fire packets of energy that fry any electronics on contact. In this mode he can move over any terrain no matter how treacherous. In robot mode he uses both the main gun, the two ion cannons which mount on his shoulders, and a shotgun laser cannon. Firestorm's bragging often puts him in the position of having to pull off increasingly dangerous stunts during a battle. After all, if he doesn't, what is he going to brag about to his fellow Maximal's after the battle is over?

STR:8   INT: 5   SPD: 3   END: 9   RANK: 6   COURAGE: 8   FIREPOWER: 10   SKILL: 7