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Repaint of Beast Wars Neo Archadis

Beast Mode: P'eng-Niao (Chinese Dragon/Bird)

Name: Fireflight

Allegiance: Maximals

Function: Air Commander

"Reason can be far more effective than any weapon."

Despite his fearsome appearance and somewhat misleading name, Fireflight actually has one of the more pacifistic sparks,
even for a Maximal. He likes to believe that almost any conflict can be solved more easily through reason, rather than
violence. The Beast Wars however have taught him that this doesn't apply to every conflict however. Despite his peaceful nature, he takes his role as air commander quite seriously. His desire to protect his fellow Maximals far outweighs his pacifistic beliefs. His beast mode is the half bird, half dragon P'eng-Niao of Chinese legend. As it is a mixture of both bird and dragon,
it shares the characteristics of both. He is capable of extreme agility while in flight and his wings, while fragile looking are made of a hardened alloy, allowing him to use them as effective shields in either mode. Hidden inside these wings are two hidden ion
blasters and two shock bombs capable of stunning his enemies by shorting out their circuitry. His beast head can shoot
fireballs of up to 50,000 degree. In robot mode, he wields an ion pistol similar to his beast mode's, and can also use the
fireball launcher when he needs to be a bit more aggressive.

STR: 6   INT: 8   SPD: 5   END: 7   RANK: 9   COURAGE: 8   FIREPOWER: 6   SKILL: 7