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Beast mode: Faerie Dragon

Repaint of Fuzor Skyshadow

Name:  Dreamweaver

Alligiance:  Maximal Transmythic
Function:  Reconnaissance
"Now you see me, now you don't."

Like the mythical faerie dragon that is her beast mode, Dreamweaver is a kind-hearted and playful soul.  Mischievous and non-violent at heart, the war she has been drawn into is a disappointing diversion from the exploration voyage Dreamweaver signed on for.  Fortunately, her capabilities make her ideal for the role of a scout, letting her avoid combat in most cases.  She has the ability to become invisible through the refraction of light around her, replicating one of her beast modes mythical abilities.  Similarly, she can use her euphoria gas breath weapon in both modes to leave a Predacon in a temporary state of bliss, unable to attack.  When such peaceful methods fail, Dreamweaver will not hesitate to resort to her tail mounted concussion missile in either mode or her Dragonclaw in robot mode.  She cannot employ her invisibility for very long, however, as it consumes a large amount of energy, sometimes leaving her in an unsavory situation.  Dreamweaver has been known to play tricks on Predacons she encounters on patrol while she awaits Maximal reinforcements, and Predacons have learned to be wary of the forest when they hear a mysterious bell-like giggle.
        Statistics:    STR:  4    INT:  9    SPD:  7    RNK:  5    END:  4    CRG:  8    FRP:  5    SKL:  8