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Beast Machines
(Slight modification)

(Note: right click on any image, then choose view image to see a larger version of each picture.)

Well, this project is more along the lines of a Lucas brothers slight modification, than the normal repaints
I do. Although it didn't take as much work as they usually put into a project. Anyway, I made a couple
of changes to the Beast Machines Cheetor, mostly just flaws that were bugging me slightly.

First, there was the lack of the nice looking scimitars that he uses on the show. Why they didn't include
these with the toys, I'll never know, but there you are. Anyway, to fill this gap, I took a spare pair of
original Optimus Primal swords and shaved off the top sections.

This gives them the curved look, even if they are a little thinner than the ones from the show. Needless to say after that I painted them gold, (I couldn't quite seem to match Cheetor's yellow color, so I compromised) and filed down the rough edges. I then cut a round section out of the upper part of the blade, finishing the look.

Next I decided to give them the the ability to attach together for the cyber wing, and boomerang modes that Cheetor has used them in. Really simply, I drilled a small hole in the base of each one. (Really small considering the swords size.) Then I inserted a smallish peg into one, that could be fitted into the other to hold them together. This also allowed the flexibility to put it in either mode.

  Cyberwing mode                                        Boomerang mode                                             Swords


Next, I had bought two Cheetors, one for my collection, and one for a later repaint, while I do like the figure, the slashing arm feature bugged me. Not only did it limit the posability of the figure, (like his skinny legs didn't do that enough.) but it also ruined (in my opinion) the symmetry of the robot and beast mode shoulders. I almost considered gluing it in place, but then I came on a better idea. I partially disassembled both figures, I discovered that an identical screw held both the ball joint for the normal arm, and held the slashing arm to the body. By removing this screw, (which took a bit of work with a screw driver that works at an angle.) I moved one arm from each to the other, so they both have identical arm types.

Of course, this gives one Cheetor two sparks, and the other none at all. I don't really care myself, I always considered them to be just faction symbols anyway, and the other one still has one of those on
his leg. Well, that's about it until I do an actual repaint, let me know what you think, or email me with any questions at: