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Repaint of Animorphs: Marco

Name: Avalanche

Allegiance: Predacons

Function: Arctic Warrior

"Only the frozen wastes can warm a heart as cold as mine."

Avalanche is the Predacon's link to Tigatron's old territories in the northern climates. His construction allows him to survive in temperatures that would freeze most Transformers solid. Most of his fellow Predacons feel that the only reason he likes this climate, is that it's the only thing on the planet as cold as he is. Even by their standards, he is cold and unfeeling. He takes no pleasure in his accomplishments, feels no compassion towards his victims, he simply does his job quickly and efficiently. The sooner he's done, the sooner he can return to the mountains and the isolation he desires. In his Yeti mode, Avalanche can resist sub zero temperatures with ease. He is immensely strong, lifting huge boulders to hurl down mountains at his opponents. His teeth can tear the armor plates from his opponent's superstructure with relative ease. In robot mode, he wields the single most powerful weapon of the Beast Wars, a shoulder mounted rail gun. It uses magnetic accelerators to propel solid shells at high velocities. The amount of kinetic energy transferred from the impact of the shells can devastate anyone struck by them, however it takes several minutes for the weapon to reload after a shot. To cover this, he also uses a chest mounted laser cannon to force the Maximals to keep their distance. His desire for isolation is perhaps the only one Avalanche feels, it not only makes him extremely hesitant to work with his fellow Predacons, but also makes him extremely territorial. Attacking anyone foolhardy enough to trespass in his domain.

STR: 8   INT: 5   SPD: 3   END: 9   RANK: 4   COURAGE: 5   FIREPOWER: 10   SKILL: 6